Lady Jane Mastectomy Boutique
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I get a new prosthesis & surgical bras?
Medicare, medicaid and most all other insurances will cover a new prosthesis & 2 new bras every year.

Do I need a new prescription every time I purchase a new breast form and bras?
Yes, we need a prescription everytime we bill medicare, medicaid or private insurances.

How long will my prosthesis last?
Most breast prosthesis are warranteed for 2 years from the manufacturer. With proper use, care and storage, your breast form should provide years of comfortable wear.

How do I care for my breast form?
Much as you would care for your body. We recommend that your breast form be hand-washed with mild soap & water and patted dry daily. It should be stored in the specially-designed breast form box.

Lady Jane Mastectomy Boutique
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