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Post-mastectomy bras, beach, and actuve swimwear specially designed for breast form wearers.
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Surgical Swimsuits
These fashionable suits feature a secure pocket to hold your breastform securely in place--no matter your activity level. Look your best . . . there is no need to compromise or adjust your lifestyle.
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photo of item **Swim Form Triangle# 931
American Breast Care

Symmetric triangle shaped breast form
Sizes 1 - 12
Clear Silicone, clear form with a hollow, concave back which allows water to flow through for maximum comfort and confidence in and out of the water. Safe to use in salt water, hot tubs and spas.

photo of item Blue Maze Swimdress One Piece

#2069 Sizes: 8-20
#2070 Sizes:18W-26W
You'll be sure to catch eyes in this cute swim dress in watery blues with geometric pattern on the fabric. Three button adjustable straps insure a great fit.

photo of item Blue Maze Tank Top Style Suit

Be as active as you like with laps in the pool or body surfing at the beach. All of our suits have high armholes and pockets for breast forms so you can be your gorgeous self without concern. Geometric pattern both catches the eye and the watery blues lets you fade into the surroundings.

photo of item Blue Maze Top for Two-Piece Suit

#2052 Sizes: 8-20
#2053 Sizes: 18W-26W
Stand out from the crowd with geometric blues. Good for a balanced body shape because it does not draw the eye up or down. Adjustable bottom edge with drawstring. Pair with swim skirt or shorts for a fit that works with long or short torso. Top only.

photo of item Boston Boyleg Tank Swimsuit
Amoena $88.00

Sizes: 16 only
Turquoise and blue feathery scales transform you into a watery chimera. Gathers at the waist accentuate figure. Boyleg gives suit a classier cut.

photo of item Dancing Ribbon Sarong Suit

#2061 Sizes: 8-20
#2062 Sizes: 18W-26W
Black background with blues and greens dancing over it reminiscent of the reflections off the water. Sarong style flatters all body shapes and wrap front flap provides touch of modest coverage without interfering with swimming. Three button adjustable straps.

photo of item Dancing Ribbon Swim Dress One-Piece

#2067 Sizes: 8-20
#2068 Sizes: 18W-26W
Fashion on the sand in a black swimsuit decorated with watery ribbons of green and blue like light on the water. 3-Button adjustable straps.

photo of item Dancing Ribbon Top For Two-Piece Swimsuit

#2054 Sizes: 8-20
#2055 Sizes: 18W-26W
Playful comfort on the water. Interweaving ribbons in three colors, yellow, green, and blue dance like the light off the water on a black background. Adjustable drawstring at bottom edge. Pair with black swim skirt for a fit perfect for all torso lengths. This swimsuit has a forgiving fit that leaves you free to enjoy yourself. Top only.

photo of item Fancy Ribbon Sarong Swimsuit

#2065 Sizes: 8-20
#2066 Sizes: 18W-26W
Get in the mood for watery fun with this fanciful play of blue on black reflecting the way light plays on water. Dashes of pink green and yellow add keep the eye moving. Good fabric for a balanced body shape. Three-button adjustable straps.

photo of item Fun in the Sun Sport Mastectomy Swimsuit

White pointed strips on this black suit show you mean serious business on the water. Don't let your active lifestyle get constrained by your breast form. Suit has high arm holes and high chest to keep everything in place no matter your activity level.

photo of item Kiruna Tank Swim Suit
Amoena $82.00

Sizes: size 16 only
Ink wash tropical leaves are blazed down the middle of this tank suit suitable for serious swimmers. Black panels on the sides speed you along.

photo of item Melody Sporty Swimsuit

Sizes: 8-20
Laps at the pool or playing in the waves, this suit lets you be as sporting and competitive as you please while looking great. Black background with four stripes of purple, violet and blue. Pocket for breast form and high neck and sidearm keep you secure while letting you move.

photo of item Mint Julep Sarong One-Piece Swim Suit

#2063 Sizes: 8-20
#2064 Sizes: 18W-26W
Playful tropical pattern of white leaves on black accented with purple and light blue. Sarong "wrap" style flatters a wide range of figures. Lets you keep active while providing just a touch of modesty. 3-Button adjustable straps.

photo of item Mint Julep Top for Two-Piece Swimsuit

#2056 Sizes: 8-20
#2057 Sizes: 18W-26W
Classy tropical fabric top for two-part swimsuit. White leaves on black with daubs of purple and baby blue. Pair with swim shorts or skirt for a comfortable fit. Top only.

photo of item Riverside FB
Amoena $86.00

Yokesheath swimwear
Size 22 available
Material: Print, 80% nylon/20% LYCRAŽ Spandex; Lining, 85% nylon/15% spandex; Cup frames, 88% nylon/12% spandex
A more modest and forgiving version of the Riverside suit. Small gathers at neckline soften bust line.

photo of item Southport FB Sunburst Tank Suit
Amoena $86.00

Sizes:size 12 available only
Material: Print, 80% nylon/20% LYCRA Spandex; Lining, 85% nylon/15% spandex; Cup frames, 88% nylon/12% spandex
Teal, peacock blue wash across the background of a black illustration of tropical plants. Shirred waist slims the middle. Strap rings in front. Straps are adjustable in back.

photo of item Swim Shorts for Two-Piece Swimsuit in Black or Navy

Black #1434 Sizes: 8-20
Black #1499 Sizes: 18W-26W
Navy #1456 Sizes: 8-20
Navy #1500 Sizes: 18W-26W
Swim shorts for suit separates that lets you move the way you want to. Pair with swim top for a comfortable set sure to get you out on the water. Bottom only.

photo of item Swim Skirt for Two Piece Swim Suit

#2071 Sizes: 8-20
#2072 Sizes: 18W-26W
The Basic Black Skirt for the beach. Incorporates a control brief so you get the best of both worlds, chic modesty and swimability. Bottom piece only.

photo of item Turquoise Woodland Top for Two-Piece Swimsuit

#2050 Sizes: 8-20
#2051 Sizes: 18W-26W
A woodland jungle of flattering colors run in vertical waves on this suit top. Adjustable drawstring and two pieces assures a perfect fit for all body types. Top only. Pair with Swim Skirt.

photo of item Vancouver Dark Brown Suit
Amoena $88.00

Sizes: size 12 & 14 only available
Sophistication that calls out to chocolate and coffee browns. Drape/wrap style forgives and accentuates.

photo of item Vancouver Royal Purple One-Piece Suit
Amoena $88.00

Sizes: size 12 only available
The height of sophistication in one-piece suits. Drape/wrap across the front accentuates as it forgives.

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