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Balance Symmetry Shapers

Shapers are the perfect solution after breast conserving surgery, reconstruction or to simply balance naturally uneven breasts. They can also be used during the tissue expansion process to maintain symmetry.

Silicone shapers provide a soft, natural feel and do not apply pressure to sensitive scar tissue. It can be rotated for the best fit and worn in a non-pocketed bra or attached using roll-on adhesive such as Amoena's accessory #166 "IT STAYS!"

photo of woman and child on the playing
Balance Delta Shaper #271
photo of woman and child on the playing
Balance Part Top Shaper #277
Side picture of Balance shaper

Facts about these shapers

  • "Pearl", skin-friendly adhesive technology along the back edge attaches directly to the body.
  • Full shaper designed to encompass most or all of the breast tissue
  • Uniform thickness with tapered edges
  • Ideal for women who need more fullness in the upper extension
  • Additional Back Pad and Protective Foils available separately, style #169

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